Rare Circa 1916 R&M Robbins Myers Model 2610 9" Brass Blade & Cage


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Very Desirable and Uncommon 9" 5 Wing Brass Blade and Guard Robbins & Myers Desk Fan.  The 9" R&M models have become popular and this is the most desirable and rarest example.  Visual impact of an item can be dependent on scale and Robbins and Myers made a statement with this example utilizing the cage badge from their larger 12" & 16" fans on the smaller scale 9" model.  The brass guard on this model also makes much more of a statement over the later painted steel examples.  With the larger logo badge, the fan with its 5 wing blade appears as a brass flower when viewed from the front.  Still retaining a wonderful original finish and pinstripes, this is a top shelf example for collectors.  We have disassembled and serviced this model for years of continued use.  Fan runs and oscillates on 3 distinct speeds. Only example of this particular model I have ever had the opportunity to offer.    

Height 13"

Width 9.5"

Depth 7.5"


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