Circa 1914 12" Robbins & Myers R&M 6 Blade Stationary Desk Fan Brass Blade And Guard

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Circa 1914 12" R&M 6 Blade Stationary Desk Fan. This Example Features A Base And Motor Housing Made Of Drawn Or Stamped Steel. This "New" Material Was First Introduced With This Model Year Fan And Became A Lighter Weight Replacement For Cast Iron. Brass Guard Still Retains The Same Construction From The Cast Iron Era With Thin Brass "The Standard" Flag Badge. This Is The Original Flag And Is In Perfect Condition (Not Even Missing The Diamond) Housing Made From Stamped Or Drawn Steel Have Proven Not To Retain Original Finishes Well Over 100 Years. This Example Is Rare To Have An Original Finish In This Condition. Some Areas Show Signs Of Wear On The Base And Motor But Is Very Minimal. Almost Every Example I Have Seen Of This Design Has Bad Or Rough Original Finish On The Wide "Lip" Around The Base, This Area Would Catch Any Moisture The Fan May Have Been Exposed To. This Example Features Excellent Original Finish On That Wide Lip. Original Pinstripes Are Still Present And In Excellent Condition. We Have Disassembled This Fan And Completely Serviced For Years Of Future Use. Headwire And Power Cord Were Upgraded To Our Superior OTR+W Product. An Excellent Example Ready For Daily Use!!







Height: 16"




Width: 13.25"




Depth: 9"