Antique Fan Parts is pleased to make available collector quality Electric Fans as well as parts.  We offer original condition fans and restored examples.  No matter if it is a restored fan or an original example, most of the models we sell are 100 plus years old.  These fans were purchased to keep the consumer cool during warm summer days and were manufactured during an era of quality construction.  Unfortunately these fans are not new, not even the restored examples.  Most of these fans have been serviced by a highly skilled fan repairman who is well known in the business for his knowledge and skill.  The restored fans we carry have been done by a variety of restorers, some we know and some we have no history of.  We do not buy these fans from the restorers but they are acquired through collection liquidations.  We love to have as much history as possible about these fans so we can pass it one to its new owner but that isn't always the case.  These fans are sold as is where is and have been described as accurately as possible using my 23 years of collecting knowledge.  If you have any questions about the fan you are about to purchase please email us.  

If you are not a knowledgeable fan collector, please contact us and we will be happy to help you pick out a fan that is perfect for your needs.  

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