Stunning Circa 1897 12" Western Electric Bipolar DC Desk Fan

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Stunning Circa 1897 12" Western Electric Bipolar DC Desk Fan. WOW!! What A Beauty!!  We are pleased to offer such an amazing example of this highly collectible early Western Electric model.  Recently acquired as part of an amazing personal collection,  this example has some important fan collecting history.  Roughly 20 years ago, this example was acquired from the Warren Kernell "Southside Electric" Collection.  Photo attached shows Warren Kernell and Bill Hoehn examinging an Emerson Tripod example at Southside Electric in St. Louis.  Many early and prestine original examples graced the shelves within Warrens shop.  Warren wasn't known as a seller of examples from his amazing collection, this was only acquired as the buyer had a close relationship with Warren and was able to acquire it from his collection.   The majority of examples on Warrens shelf were "As Found" with many still retaining the price tag from the yard sale or flea market where it was acquired.   Since its departure from South Side Electric, this fan has been lovingly cleaned and serviced.  Brass Blade and Guard have been polished and lacquered, the fan is stunning!  Some wiring has been updated for safe operation as well as fresh wrapping material on the motors coils.  The fans  finish is noted to be all original as well as the finish on the motors brass components.  An absolute premier example of this model!!