Restored Westinghouse Pancake Rare 133 Cycle Model

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Restored Westinghouse Pancake Rare 133 Cycle Model.  This fan was restored by Alan Willms who to my knowledge no longer does fan restorations.  Alan was known for his superior quality top shelf restorations, the only way to pickup an Alan restoration today is via a collection liquidation such as this.  In the early days of electricity before going to our now standard 110-120 60 cycle system, there were many systems present in the united states.  You can see this in old fan catalogs where you order by voltage and cycles.  This is a rare version in that it was manufactured for a 133 cycle system.  Now the question, Can I use this fan today?  The answer is yes, the easiest and cheapest way is to run it at half the labeled voltage using a variac (Variable Voltage Transformer) so this would run on 50 volts AC.  This fan runs on 2 speeds as originally designed with a professionally restored stator . Ready for another 100 years of beauty and operation.  This is a true collector grade fan and not intended for daily household use.  It is a beautiful example and will certainly be an impressive addition to any collection.

















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