Westinghouse Pancake Fan Rare 133 Cycles

**Video of the fan running is below "Product Videos"**

Westinghouse Pancake Fan.  This fan is from the collection of the late Stan Good.  Stan had an extensive collection that he spent 42 years acquiring.  The paint on the fan I believe is a combination of original and some touched up areas.  The brass was polished at some point and has started to patina.  This is a rare 133 cycle fan, meaning it will run fine if you drop the voltage back a bit to keep the stator running cooler.  The fan runs great on one speed.  It appears that this was its intent on day one of soon there after. There are small jumper wires to the switch terminals that appear very professionally done.  The headwire is a two conductor and appears original.  The power cord is a modern day replacement.

Global Trade Item Number: 2500.00
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