Rare Circa 1911 6" Carleton Ball Motor Fan AC DC Nickel Blade and Cage/Guard

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Rare circa 1911 6" original Carleton Ball Motor Fan AC or DC Nickel Blade and Cage/Guard.  Very Rare (only version of this exact fan I have ever seen) neat little 6" ball motor fan with original nickel plated blades and cage.  Carlton manufactured a trunnion mounted motor 6" fan of similar design (one can be seen in a side by side comparison below).  This 6" ball motor model is similar to their 8" offering but of smaller scale and does not have an off/on switch in the cast iron base.  The ball motor is mounted upon a pivot neck to provide air movement to a desired location.   Wall mounting is also an option on this fan with removal of the knurled screw in the neck.  Original paint on the motor shows signs of it's age and nickel blade and cage are in excellent condition.  This fan operates on a single speed and runs perfectly.  This appears to be a very rare offering by The Carlton Company as we have been unable to find documentation of its production.  It is featured in the Antique Fan Collectors Gallery.  

H: ~9.5"

W: ~6.25"

D: ~4.75"