Circa 1915 6" R&M List No. 2800 Brass Blade Cage Desk Fan AC/DC All Original


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Circa 1915 6" R&M List No. 2800.  Highly desirable due to its small scale sporting brass blades and guard.  Just acquired from an impressive private collection this fan is in wonderful condition!!  Finish is all original showing some paint loss around the switch.   Original pinstriping is still visible on portions of the motor as well as the base.  Noted above the switch are the settings for use on Alternating Current or Direct Current.  All brass components are original to the fan and display a beautiful patina.  There are no breaks or repairs to any part of this fan.  Power cord has been replaced at some point with period cloth covered 2 conductor twisted cord.  Headwire appears to have been upgraded at some point in the past with a period look and feel cord.  Motor brushes are fresh and ready for many hours of use.  We removed the oilers and cleaned then installed new eick and fresh oil.  Fan runs exceptional!!  Please see attached video of the fan in operation.  


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