Late 1930's 12" Emerson 71666 All Black

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Mid to late 1930's All black 12" Emerson 71666 - a highly collectible fan known for its quality construction and silent operation.  The fan features a beautiful original all-black finish, with a few areas touched up over its impressive 90 years of existence. A unique touch of history lies in a discrete area on the front motor housing near the handle, where the previous owner's name is inscribed, as shown in the photo. We refrained from repainting the front motor housing as it was a testament to the deep affection someone had for their fan.  The cage and blade have been refreshed to their factory-like appearance.  It has been meticulously disassembled, cleaned, and serviced to ensure another century of reliable use. It operates excellently at three distinct speeds and exhibits a smooth oscillation.  The power cord and headwire have been upgraded.   This Emerson 71666 stands as an outstanding and highly desirable model, offering both reliability and stunning aesthetics. If you seek a reliable and beautiful daily-use fan, this is an excellent option to consider.