1930's Emerson Electric Airplane Ceiling Fan

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Original 1930's Emerson Electric Airplane Fan.  This is Emerson Electrics only true Airplane Design Ceiling Fan.  This example has been restored, the fuselage has been nickle plated.  The original metal shows some signs of period wear which is to be expected with its age.  The motor has been painted a nice gloss black.  The propeller has been polished to a nice bright shine.  The down rod and canopy are both nickle plated.  This is a very strong running fan!!  The fan is a bit noisy while in operation.  I think it needs some new fiber washers inside the motor to keep the rotor stationary (lots of end play).  This would be any easy fix and it is very reasonably priced to reflect the minor work needed.  A very impressive ceiling fan no matter the setting.