Early 1905 12" Westinghouse Tank Motor Fan


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**Video of the fan running is below "Product Videos"**

Early 1905 12" Westinghouse Tank Motor Fan.  For those of you that love the Westinghouse Tank Motor Fans, this is the one to have.  This is the first model of the Westinghouse Tank Motor Fan and was only made in 1905.  This fan is 100% original condition and has just been cleaned and waxed.  There are so many little unique characteristics with this model over the later models.  The base is flatter and the power cord bushing is a press in.  The yolk does not have the ridge running down the center for reinforcement.  The yolk also has a flatter more square look where the bolt holds it to the motor.  The motor has these beautiful large vents.  The struts are also cast to form around the motor and the motor doesnt have the ridges for the strut to sit in.  The clips on this model seem to be a little flatter.  The blade has a cast brass hub.  The cage which didnt have the westinghouse banner and the center ring is solid brass.  The switch also has a variant, the bottom of it is not made to have a cover.  The motor tag is riveted in and is only stamped 110 volts and style no is 46970.  Just an excellent example of a rare tank motor.  The fan is a little loud on start up and runs perfect on two speeds once up to speed.      

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