Circa 1924 General Electric 6" Series F Stationary Desk Fan

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Circa 1924 GE 6" Universal Desk Fan. By The 1920's With The Electric Fan Becoming A Staple Of The American Home, Retailers Recognized The Market For A Smaller Fan At A Lower Price Point. GE Marketed This Small Fan To Give A Big Breeze At A Little Price. This Fan Was Designed To Pack A Punch, It Moves A Large Amount Of Air For A Small Compact Fan. Original Deep Green GE Finish Is In Excellent Condition. This Fan Is Almost Ready To Celebrate It's 100th Birthday. We Have Disassembled And Serviced For Daily Use. We Also Rewired With Our Superior OTR+W Period Correct Domestically Produced Wire. Great Decorative Fan That Is As Functional As Decorative. 

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