Circa 1908 Hunter Electric 12" BMY Desk Fan Restored Stationary

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From the Southwest Collection, beautifully restored Circa 1908 Hunter Electric 12" Big Motor Yoke desk fan.  This example of the highly collectable Big Motor Yoke (or "BMY" as fan enthusiasts have labeled it) includes desirable features such as the very early centrifugal switch, two rivet blade, struts that mount flat to the motor, and the squatty base.  It boasts of a glossy smooth finish with beautiful brass blades, struts, and components polished to a rich brass tone, and runs on three distinct speeds.

It should be noted that the bearing has excessive wear and will need to be replaced to ensure smooth operation.  

*The Southwest Collection was carefully assembled by a dedicated long-time fan collector who is ready to find new homes for his beautiful treasures.  Antique Fan Supply Company takes great pride in presenting the fans that have been entrusted to us, to find their perfect homes and carry forward the legacy of these remarkable pieces. Each fan featured in our Southwest Collection is presented "as found" directly from collector's shelves, guaranteeing an authentic touch that resonates with history. Every fan has been thoroughly tested and the results are documented in the above product description.*