Circa 1922 12" GE Stationary Brass Blade Desk Fan All Original Example AUU

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Step back in time with the Circa 1922 12" General Electric Type AUU Form AB1 Stationary Desk Fan – a living relic that marries vintage aesthetics with unparalleled performance. This General Electric gem from 1922 showcases the enduring beauty from turn of the century design, featuring a time-tested cast iron motor, a substantial cast iron base, and the iconic GE green finish with beautifully patinaed brass blade and the classic GE script logo.  Our commitment to preserving history shines through in the meticulous restoration of this masterpiece. Disassembled and treated with utmost care, this fan has been transformed into more than just a collectible; it's a fully functional piece of history ready to infuse your space with character.  We've taken care of the details to ensure this fan is not only a visual delight but a reliable companion in your daily life. The wiring has been upgraded to our OTR+W superior period-correct cloth-covered cord, blending seamlessly with the fan's heritage while meeting modern safety standards.  Delving into the heart of this antique marvel, we've cleaned the brass oil cups, replacing old lubricants with a high-quality 20W oil and a fresh wick for optimal performance. The result is an exceptional all-original example that not only captivates with its aesthetic appeal but delivers a refreshing breeze on three distinct speeds, making it a practical choice for everyday use.  Immerse yourself in the charm of yesteryear without compromising on functionality. The Circa 1922 General Electric Desk Fan is a testament to craftsmanship, a nod to history, and a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate the artistry of a bygone era. Elevate your space with this expertly preserved antique fan – where history meets utility in perfect harmony.