Circa 1919 12" GE 2 Star Brass Painted Blade and Steel Wrapped Guard Oscillating Desk Fan Restored

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Circa 1919 12" GE 2 Star brass painted blade and steel wrapped cage oscillating desk fan Restored. Type AOU Form V4 cat. #75423, this fan was the workhorse for GE in the mid to late teens. This is a very desirable 2 Star oscillator, making reference to the 2 star shaped knobs located on the oscillators gearbox.  The body of the fan is restored in a rich dark green finish that is an almost exact replica of its original color tone.  Operation, this fan runs smoothly and has three distinct speeds. This fan is super quiet and oscillates effortlessly on all three speeds.  We have fully serviced the fan for safe operation. The gearbox has been disassembled and all old grease removed, fresh grease added for years of use. The oiler has been cleaned of all old oil/grease and has a fresh wick and new oil. The head wire and power cord have been upgraded for safe operation.  If You Are In The Market For A Daily Use Fan That Is Reliable With Great Character This Is An Excellent Choice.   








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