Circa 1916 12" Menominee "Staghorn" Oscillating Desk Fan All Original


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Circa 1916 12" Menominee "Staghorn" Oscillating Desk Fan.  Acquired in early 2023 as part of a personal collection where all examples were in "As Found" condition.  This is one of only a few remaining fans from that collection which produced some amazing original examples still being preserved by many years of dirt and grime.  This 1916 Menominee " Staghorn" Oscillator is no exception to the extremely clean original fans throughout that collection.   Upon initial testing we found the front and rear bearings in need of replacing and sent the motor out to Darryl Hudson for new custom machined replacements.  Overall the original finish cleaned up and waxed out beautifully.  The upper and lower "Staghorn" style struts were the only part of the fan which appeared to have been cleaned in the last 110 years displaying a nice matte brass finish.  Blade still retains a beautiful patina, note the appearance of brush strokes in the lacquer, having seen this on many Menominee examples I believe their lacquer to have been applied with a brush at the factory.  Original 5 speed switch is still intact and functions providing speed variation at each position.  We have fully serviced the motor and gearbox for many years of continued use.  Wiring has been upgraded to our OTR+ W cloth covered cord for safe operation.   We notice some slight gear chatter from the mechanical gearbox but have tested the fan for 40 hours without issue. 


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