Circa 1914 GE 12" Collar Oscillator Desk Fan All Original

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Circa 1914 12" General Electric Collar Oscillator desk fan. This oscillator design was GE's 5th generation of an oscillating desk fan and highly collectible for its unique design. Oscillation is engaged and disengaed by turning the brass collar beneth the motor, this raises and lowers the motor engaging the oscillating gears within the neck.  This example features an original lustrious gloss black finish and beautifully patina brass blades, guard, and accents.  An often missing original component, the "cord keeper" is still attached to the fans guard.  This brass keeper, kept the fans head wire from entering the back of the fans guard while oscillating.  Runs and Oscillates on 3 distinct speeds.  The oscillation is realtively flawless on this example which is rare!!  We have noted a slight drag at some points in its sweep but very minor compared to other examples we have had.  Wonderful addition to your collection!!


W: 13"

H: 16.75"

D: 8"