Circa 1913 Draeger-Ventilator Hot Air Fan designed by Alfred Draeger

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Circa 1913 Draeger-Ventilator Hot Air Fan designed by Alfred Draeger.  Pleased to offer an incredible original example of this desirable fan from the collection of Terry Fisher.  The following information was acquired while doing research from the "Powerhouse Collection":

"While a hot air cooling fan seems to be a paradoxical object, fans run by small hot air engines were made throughout the twentieth century and proved useful in areas not served by electricity. This fan was designed and made in Germany. The design of the fan is both functional and decorative. A hidden reservoir in the base holds liquid fuel, which burns during operation of the fan; the piston and displacer are housed in the stem; and the crankshaft is housed in a large sphere that sits on the stem. The four simple blades are curved for the purpose of moving air forward. The intricate shape of ventilation holes in the stem provides a decorative touch and, along with the cooling fins at the top of the stem, they create the temperature differential on which the operation of the engine depends. Fans work by evaporating sweat from skin and require much less power than air-conditioners. While a hot air fan will dump some heat into the surrounding air, so will the motor of the much more common electric fan."

Fan displays a beautiful original nickel finish with some slight wear showing the base material (brass). Very much an object of design, this fan makes a statement! Chimney features the oriignal brass tag still intact with a small logo design of the fan.

Excellent example!!