Circa 1914 "The Thermo Fan" By Thermo Engine Company Hot Air Fan

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Circa 1914 "The Thermo Fan" By  Thermo Engine Company Of  Waukee Iowa. Marketing From Thermo Engine Company Reads As Follows: This Wonderful Thermo Fan is Operated By The Rapid Expansion Of Compressed Air, Consuming Less Than One Ounce Of Alcohol Per Hour (Costing Less 1/2 Cent Hour) To Drive The Large 14" Fan Blade Rapidly, Producing A Pleasant , Cool And Comfortable Breeze, And Will Run 14 Hours On One Filling. No Intricate Parts To Get Out Of Order And Runs Quietly. Cheaper And More Convenient That Any Electric Fan. No Wiring, No Winding Of Springs Or Troublesome Batteries. This Is A Rarely Found Model And Is In Excellent Original Condition. The Guard Appears To Have Been Brass Plated At Some Point In The Past. The Burner Reservoir Has A Small Leak And Will Need To Be Silver Soldered. Fan Runs Excellent As Shown In The Video.




Height: 23"


Width: 15"


Depth: 10"