C. 1898 Robbins & Myers "B" DC Ceiling Fan

Circa 1898 Robbins & Myers "B" DC Ceiling Fan. The Following Is Direct Verbage From The 1912 Robbins & Myers Catalog:

The Most Popular Direct Current Ceiling Fan That Has Probably Ever Been Produced Is Our Style "B", Which Is Illustrated Herewith. This Fan Has Been On The Market For Sixteen Years And Has Always Been Successful. The Qualities Which Have Made This Fan So Popular Are Its Durability, Blade Carrying Power, Efficiency And Low Cost. The Fan Is Neat In Appearance And Noiseless In Operation.

This Beautiful Ceiling Fan Come To Us Through A Large Collection Acquisition. The Collector We Acquired It From Did The Restoration. The Wiring Appears To Have Been Upgraded For Safe Operation. Motor Is Rated For 220 Volt DC. The Fan Runs Excellent On 110 Volts DC. It Runs At A Nice Steady Medium Speed On 110 Volts DC. Blades Appear To Have Been Refinished At Some Point. The Original Switch Is No Longer Present. I Suggest Use Of A Wall Switch For Operation Of Ceiling Fans Especially If Hung From A High Location. Excellent Example To Hang And Admire While At The Same Time Can Be Used.

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