Dec 12th 2022

Custom Antique Ceiling Fans

We also offer custom ceiling fans to fit a client's design needs. Donald Holder Lighting Design, Inc contacted me to create a custom "Turn of the Century" ceiling fan for his Brooklyn Deli project. …

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Dec 7th 2022

Story behind the Logo

This logo was Designed by Lewis Design Co of Akashi City Japan. Lewis is a very artistic sign painter, logo designer and lover of American Antiques. He has a vast knowledge in turn of the century le …

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Posted by Chad Baker on Dec 6th 2022

Lifetime Lake Breeze Collection by James Fogle

As a young man, James Fogle became interested in gas engines while growing up on a farm in Peculiar Missouri. Early gas engines were used in many aspects of the farm and James found himself acquiring …

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Posted by Antique Fan Parts on Oct 14th 2022

Antique Desk Fans

Some people buy vintage fans for the looks. Others get them because they're collectors.Whichever you are, we've got the fan for you! We have a robust selection of vintage electric table fans for sale …

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