Dec 7th 2022

Story behind the Logo

This logo was Designed by Lewis Design Co of Akashi City Japan. Lewis is a very artistic sign painter, logo designer and lover of American Antiques. He has a vast knowledge in turn of the century lettering/design and uses this knowledge to create custom logos by hand. His love for this period in history and artistic ability to create using a pencil and paper made him the perfect fit for our product line. It was great colaberating with Lewis on this project and look forward to more projects in the near future.

"Antique Fan Supply Co." was born from the combining of "SimplyChad" (Mid Century Modern Furnishings) and "Antique Fan Parts .com". Antique Fan Supply Co. can be found on the (Decorative Decor) website. Referencing many late 1800's Electrical Journals, the "Supply Company" name was very common amoung retailers of Electric Fans and similar products. As Antique Fan has grown its product line has branched into "Supplies" as well making the name both in period and offerings very fitting.