12" DHR ( Interior Conduit/Lundell Sprague Design) Nickle Blade Guard/Cage German

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Nothing screams Industrial Design like this DHR Made In Germany 12" Desk Fan.  This fan has many design similarities to the Interior Conduit/Lundell Sprague fans that were being produced here in the states during the late 1800's early 1900's.  The cast iron motor is just so impressive with the large over sized brushes mounted on the back.  The blade and guard are nickel plated and have a nice rich patina.  The guard is a very unique design, the front cage wires mount to the outer diameter of the guard.  The cage struts are brass and have been painted black.  The switch is all original, this is the same style used on the Interior Conduit and Lundell Sprague designed fans.  I have been unable to get the fan to run.  There is power to the brushes but there are two open contacts on the commutator.  This is just an impressive fan and a must for any serious fan collector!!!