Very Rare Circa 1920 Lake Breeze Model "B" 21" with Original Coleman Style Burner


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Lake Breeze Model "B" 21" with Gas Burner.  I have heard collectors refer to this as the "Coleman Style" burner.  Having never seen this model in person, I asked a few other collectors about its rarity and they remembered seeing it as an available model in original catalogs but have never seen a survivor.  It is a very large and Impressive fan with its 21" diameter blades.  I asked the collector that I acquired the fans from the history of this particular example.  He said "I remember finding it and was very excited to acquire that model as I had never seen one and all the parts are original just like I found it".  He refinished the components roughly 30 plus years ago.  Guard is painted brass.  He did say "I never fired that one up....and chuckled".  Fan turns and moves freely.   To test, I placed a torch burner under the chamber to make sure it would run and it operated.



Height: 43"

Width: 23"

Depth: 8.5"

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