Restored 1940's Emerson Model 79648-AK 16" Oscillating Desk Fan

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Restored 1940's 16" Emerson model 79648-AK oscillating desk fan. To this day Emerson's quality from 100 years ago still makes their products desirable to consumers and collectors. For those who desire a 16” daily use fan, an elegant decorative centerpiece, or a valued collectable - this fan is perfect for you. It oscillates and runs on all three settings. The paint is incredible! And the fan is versatile too! It can be mounted on the wall or used as a desk/table fan and can be set to oscillate or run stationary. The fan has been fully cleaned and serviced. The wiring has been upgraded to period correct wire. The badge does have a slight scratch as seen in the photos.  This fan is beautiful, functional, and offers a ton of quality.  

Height: 21"

Width: 16.5"

Depth: 8"


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