Rare Circa 1902 10" General Electric Pancake Spring Hung Wall Mount Fan

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Super Rare 1901 10" GE Spring Hung Wall Mounted Fan.  To my knowledge, this is the only known example of this fan that GE offered from only a few years around the turn of the century.  From a very high end fan collection, this model was said to have been found many years ago by an early collector and restored by that collector.  All of the brass components have been highly polished and still display very nicely.  All iron pieces were restored in a rich black automotive finish and highlighted with gold pinstriping around the motor.  Motor is hung by 4 large springs (one has been overstretched).  According to GE's 1901 Catalog, the fans purpose is "For attaching to light partitions which vibrate easily and tend to act as sounding boards".  GE also notes this fan could find use within a telephone booth.  Incredibly Rare example for the serious collector!

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