Original Toy Motor Embossed WM. P. Walter's Sons Philadelphia


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Very high quality, solid cast iron frame with the base embossed "WM. P. Walter's Sons  Philadelphia.   WM. P. Walters was more of a retailer than producer.  davistownmuseum.org makes reference to an undated catalog from W.M. Walters containing "Model Engines".  W.M. Walters or WM. P. Walters appears to have been in the tool/workshop business and why not offer a crossover into some toys for the kids to be like dad.    I love the "openness" of this motor.  motor on low dc voltage and didn't get anything.  It appears internally to have never been touched....could be a good contact cleaning on the commutator/brushes resolves the running issue.

Height: 4.5"

Width: 4"

Depth: 3.5"



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