Original GE Furniture Fan Brass Whiz Oiler

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Original GE Furniture Fan Brass Whiz Oiler

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Different Oiler but worked with my fan

The GE Whiz Oiler that was recommended to me by Antique Fan Parts worked for me even though my GE fan is not a Whiz. Mine is a 10” fan manufactured sometime between 1931 and 1936. I had read another review for this same Oiler where the reviewer said he had to grind the Oiler down for it to fit. That was great advice as I had to do the same thing. I wouldn’t have thought to do that we’re it not for the previous reviewer. I am indebted to him/her.
Posted by Norm Blackwell, Sep 11th 2020

Also Fits a FM9V1 Vortalex

This oiler will also fit a FM9V1 Vortalex fan. However, I had to file down the tip so the threads would work.
Posted by Christian M Wimberly, Aug 24th 2020

Fully Functional Good Threads

AS advertised - It needed some cleaning up and a new felt but the spring was still good and the threads were good- The housing as not all scratched up. Just what I needed.
Posted by Steve, Feb 1st 2018