Knapp Electric & Novelty Co. No. 2 Motor


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Knapp Electric & Novelty Co.

34 Warren Street
New York NY
Knapp made many different sizes of toy motors and creating a fan was just the perfect pairing for a small motor.  
Advertised as:
Cooling Breezes and perfect for ventilation for Desk, Home and Sick Room.  No smell, no waste when not in use.  
They state that when paired with the battery box it would operate over  hours before renewing.  
Solid casts iron frame wrapped with the original coil wiring.  One rivet appears missing from the motor tag, brushes look like newer copper strips.  Blade is painted on the backside and the wings are not perfectly inline but highly doubt you will depend in its produced air flow for your "Sick Room".  
Operated perfectly!!  I did add a few drops of oil and its operation smoothed out perfectly.  
The ad shows a wood base which is absent from this example.(Ad included with the fan/motor)
5.5" Height to top of motor
4.25" Width of base
5" Diameter blade (Ad references a 6" diameter blade) design of the blade is exactly the same as the ad though


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