Early Electric 1891 Edison 1/12th HP Slow Speed Motor Bipolar Fan Brass GE


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Very Rare 1891 Edison General Electric Co. 1/12th HP Slow Speed Motor.  Examples of this motor in this condition are very rare.  Of the known examples, most are missing parts and pieces which greatly reducing its value.  This is an amazing original condition example of a truly beautiful and historic motor.  This motor comes from a premier fan/motor collection and would be a highlight of any collection.  This example still retains its original wood base which has beautiful patina.  The edges of the base do show some wear very minimal considering its age.  The cast brass identification tag is in excellent condition and still mounted in its original location on the wood base.  This example still retains its original switch which is missing the switch knob (easily replicated if desired).  The iron frame still retains its original finish which is in excellent condition for its age.  All motor casting arms and bracket are present with no breaks or repairs.  Brass strip covering the rotor is present and has beautiful original patina.  These motors had glass oilers and as you would imagine few survived, the glass oilers on this motor were created by an expert machinist to exact original specification.  The oilers are packed with wool (one red and one white) and have had oil added to them.  Some of the wires used in a commutator have been recently insulated.  As expected with its age, some lost insulation hence the reason for the touched up wires.  We have been able to get the motor to turn over but had significant sparking/arching of the brushes.  With some detailed adjustment and checking/re-insulating of a few wires, this will be a beautifully running machine.         




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