Circa Early 1900's 8" Spencer Moulton 32V DC Desk Fan Train Car

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Circa Early 1900's 8" Spencer Moulton 32V DC Desk Fan Train Car.  Little is known about the manufacturer and history of this very rare 8" 32v DC Fan.  We know of only one other example of this fan owned by a fellow fan collector here in the US.  This example was found in England and exported to the USA where it has undergone a complete restoration by Mike Petree.  When found in England, the body of the fan was white with blade and guard being copper plated.  Fortunately the original copper plating was saved during the restoration process and displays beautifully for its age.  Cast iron components have been restored in a rich black automotive enamel and look stunning.  Fan has been rewired and runs perfectly.  Base is embossed with Spencer Moulton Made in England W8864-2 Std No. 3 5-54.  Research shows Spencer Moulton produced rubber components and may have been the manufacturer of the base only but they were also involved in manufacturing railroad cars during this period as well.  Absolutely stunning and unique fan perfect addition for a serious fan collection.