Circa 1940 Emerson "Golden Jubilee" Type 6250K Incredible Condition Survivor

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Incredible Condition Circa 1940 Emerson "Golden Jubilee" Type 6250K.  In my 25 plus years of collecting, I have never owned such a pristine example of Emerson's "Golden Jubilee" 10" Oscillating Desk Fan from 1940.  The only missing component to this fan is its original box!  Appears as though it was rarely used throughout the last 83 years.  Power cord and head wire are original and in amazing condition.  Usually, this model displays signs of wear on the guard and rear bullet cover, both components are in amazing original untouched condition.   Fan runs as perfectly as the day it left the factory!!  Please check out the video and enjoy how quiet the fan is while in operation and spin down.  Absolutely ideal for a daily use fan or pristine example for a fan collection