Circa 1934 12" 110V DC General Electric Quiet Blade Oscillating Desk Fan Restored

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Circa 1934 General Electric Direct Current Quiet Blade 12" Oscillating Desk Fan.  It Is Rare To Find This Model In Direct Current.  Fan Is Specified To Draw .6 Amps, While Testing This Example Draws .45 (Highly Efficient).  We Have Installed A Bridge Rectifier In The Base For Conversion Of The Supplied Alternating Current In Your Home To Direct Current Required For The Fans Operation.  This Fan Has Been Cleaned And Serviced And Restored In A Rich Black Finish. This Example Runs As Excellent As It Looks - Very Smooth And Quiet With The Versatility To Oscillate Or Run Stationary On 3 Distinct Speeds.  Gearbox Contains Fresh Grease, Oiler Has New Wick And Fresh Oil, And Power Cord Has Been Upgraded To Our Superior Domestically Produce Period Correct Wire.  This Fan Is Ready For The Next 90 Years!!  Perfect As A Daily Use Fan. You Will Get As Much Enjoyment Watching It As You Will From The Breeze It Creates.