Circa 1934 10" Emerson Sea Gull Oscillating Desk Fan

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Circa 1934 10" Emerson "Sea Gull" Oscillating Desk Fan.  By the 1930's, the electic fan was becoming a staple of the American home.  Fan design for the first 50 years had little variation, Emerson changed that up in the mid 30's with their "Silver Swan" and "Sea Gull" models both introduced with the 1934 fan season.  Emerson noted that the trend with all appliances was away from exposed machinery to a more streamlined and smooth rounded appearance.  The Sea Gull model is an ideal example of the transition from solid cast iron "traditional" fans to the later designs of the 40's and 50's.  Keeping their iconic "Parker" blade design, they modernized its appearance encasing it with a substantial eye appealing Gyroscope guard with welded joints.  Staying true to their roots, the base was manufactured in solid cast iron for a very quality appearance and feel.  Displaying a classic finish of the period, the majority of the fan was finished in Semi-gloss black lacquer and guard featuring nickeled fittings both attractive and durable.  We just acquired this example from a private collection where it had been well preserved.  I believe this fan to be original due to the condition of the decal on the base.  Overall it is a beautiful example of the model rarely seen complete and operational.  We have serviced this fan for operation leaving the original head wire intact because of its amazing condition.