Circa 1932 16" Emerson Type 73668 Original Condition Oscillating Fan

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Presenting a stunning 16-inch Emerson Electric Oscillating Fan, dating back to approximately 1932. This particular fan originates from a dedicated collector who amassed an impressive collection of Emerson fans over the course of 25 years. True to the collector's meticulous care, this fan remains in impeccable condition.

The fan's iron body proudly retains its original lustrous, glass-like paint, which has been diligently cleaned and waxed to preserve its timeless appeal. The 6 blades have been expertly refreshed to their original matte black color, maintaining authenticity, and this fan operates flawlessly across all three speeds.  To ensure optimal performance, the fan has undergone a comprehensive servicing, including an upgrade of the head wire and power cord with our superior OTR+W wire. 

This Emerson fan is a powerful air mover, proudly displaying the iconic badge that embodies its enduring legacy—"Built To Last." This rock-solid fan possesses the capability to remain in operation for another remarkable 90-100 years. Emerson's visionary inclusion of this slogan almost a century ago was a testament to their commitment to quality, and the fan's enduring durability has surpassed expectations.

This circa 1932 Emerson Electric Oscillating Fan is a true gem, boasting pristine condition, meticulous servicing, and a remarkable lifespan that continues to defy the passage of time.



Height: 20"

Width: 17"

Depth: 9"

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