Circa 1930 16" Oscillating 6 Blade Diehl Chrome Desk Fan

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Exquisite all-original Circa 1930 16" Diehl All Chrome Oscillating Desk Fan, with six blades. This particular model was specifically marketed for clean and sterile environments. It is worth noting that fans with an all-chrome construction from this era did not fare well over time. However, despite its remarkable age of 90 years, the original chrome finish on this example is in astonishing condition. While there are some minor areas of oxidation present, they do not detract from its overall appeal.  

Whether it's a scorching hot day or the need to distribute heat during cooler months, this fan is perfect for daily use. Its visual beauty is captivating, whether it's stationary or in operation.  Operating flawlessly on three distinct speeds, this fan offers versatility to suit your comfort preferences. Additionally, it can be set to non-oscillating mode if desired, providing a steady stream of airflow in a fixed direction.

To ensure optimal performance, the fan has undergone a comprehensive servicing, including an upgrade of the head wire and power cord with our superior OTR+W wire. 

This beautiful all-original Diehl All Chrome 16" Oscillating Desk Fan is a remarkable find. Its exceptional condition, considering its age, along with its efficient operation and stunning aesthetics, make it a true treasure. 




Height: 22"

Width: 17"

Depth: 9"

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