Circa 1922 39" GE New York City 32V DC Subway Train Ceiling Fan


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 A remarkable find, Circa 1922 39" GE New York City 32v DC Subway Ceiling Fan. This fan stands as an iconic fixture in the subway system's history, providing essential ventilation and air circulation in the bustling train cars of the 1920’s and 30’s. Dating back to the early days of subway expansion, it showcases engineering ingenuity and innovation. A rare survivor, this is likely one of very few or only remaining examples. This authentic piece offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of the New York City subway system and showcases its dedication to commuter comfort. Don jumped at the opportunity many years ago to make this an addition to his beloved GE collection. Personally, I have never seen or heard of another example and am pleased to offer such a rare piece. Ideal for the collector who appreciates obscure objects, this is ideal for a bar or collector’s room meant for visual appeal and many stories along with cooling demonstration. Presented are photos of this fan installed into a NY City transit train car. History of the prior owner will be included with its sale and hope this information travels the test of time to future curators. Easily converted from your currently provided AC household current to DC via a bridge rectifier, this example still operates well, although it exhibits a slight knocking sound while in operation and could use a servicing. Supplied household voltage of 110 will need to be regulated down to 32 V for correct operation, this can be achieved by a power supply or Variac (Variable voltage transformer). Very unique fan and quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity of ownership.



39" Diameter




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