Circa 1914 12" Emerson Type 19666 Brass Desk Fan Original

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Introducing an exceptional Emerson Type 19666, dating back to approximately 1914. When it comes to proportion, design, and reliability, this large motor 6-blade Emerson fan is unparalleled. Among stationary Emerson models, it is the last to showcase their remarkable cast hub 6-wing blade. Additionally, the sleek "Step" base design concludes its production with this particular model.

This particular unit boasts a stunning mostly original finish, the lowest lip of the base appears to have been refinished at some point in the past 100 years showing some sanding scratches beneath the surface.  Overall the fan is in excellent condition considering its 109-year-old age. The brass components have been cleaned and not polished at some point, resulting in a lovely "clean" appearance.  Brass wings of the blade show some character though still operate balanced and smooth.  As designed, air is distributed smoothly on three distinct speeds, thanks to a new head wire and power cord that have been added, ensuring safer operation.  We have disassembled , serviced, and tested this fan.  

If you're seeking a fan for everyday or nightly use, this is the ideal choice.

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