Circa 1913 Earliest Example 12" GE SMY (Small Motor Yoke) Trunnion Desk Fan All Original Survivor

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Circa 1913 Rare All Original Example of the earliest model GE Small Motor Yoke 12" Trunnion Mounted Desk Fan.  This example is 300 numbers apart from the model shown in the AFCA Gallery.  Acquired from a private collection, this fan remained in as found condition.  The rare and earliest examples of this fan sported "drop ring" brass guards, a carryover from the Big Motor Yoke models.  Maybe seen as proportional large, the guard was quickly replaced with a shallower parallel ring brass guard.  This fan runs amazing on 3 distinct speeds and is ideal for daily use.  We disassembled and replaced the head wire and power cord with our superior OTR+W wire.  Oil cups have been removed and cleaned, old wicking material was replaced with fresh clean wicks and new oil placed in the cups.  Brass was mildly cleaned to remove surface dirt yet preserve the original patina.  Finish was cleaned and then waxed to remove dirt and scratches, its original luster really POPS!!  Amazing example perfect for the collector of original condition models or a GE timeline.         

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