Circa 1912 G.E.C. "FREEZOR" Fan Works "KOOLAH" Restored Brushed Copper Ceiling Fan

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Circa 1912 Restored Ceiling Fan by G.E.C. "FREEZOR" Fan Works of Witton, Birmingham UK named the "KOOLAH".  We are so pleased to have the opportunity to offer such a complete, restored, and working example of this rare fan.  Fan is finished in a plated antique brushed copper with wonderful green patina accent.  Original blades for this model were made from aluminum and in a large and flat design.  Motor has incredible style and we felt that style should be complimented with a more modern contemporary blade often found on European ceiling fans.  The blades are new/modern bentwood style finished in a mahogany color very complimenting to the copper motor.  Motor is made of cast iron featuring a very prominent bulbous design to the exterior.  Motor operates flawlessly on 220V DC.  We have installed a bridge rectifier for the convenience of using Alternating Current as the supplied power source.  The fan will operate on 120V AC, since it is only being supplied half the voltage it runs roughly at 50% speed (medium/low).  To operate on full (high) speed, a step-up transformer will be needed.  This is a very simple addition, please let us know if you have questions about the operating voltage and we will be happy to assist.  A very unique fan that makes a statement!!  Fan is not designed for the acceptance of a light kit.  

Hard to see in the attached image of the fans being produced at the G.E.C. FREEZOR manufacturing facility but an example of this fan hangs in the facility along with several motor in production on the table, Dated 1912.


Diameter:  56"