Circa 1911 12" GE Big Motor Yoke BMY Tall Base 4 Brass Blade Desk Fan Restored

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Circa 1911 12" GE Big Motor Yoke (BMY) Tall Base 4 Brass Blade Desk Fan.  In 1909 GE Redesigned Their Residential Desk Fan To What Collectors Refer To As A "Big Motor Yoke or BMY".  This Example Was The Last And Most Improved Model Of The "BMY" Design.  Improvements Made Throughout This Models Many Years Of Production, This Is The Most User Friendly And Ideal For A Quality Daily Use Fan.  Acquired From A Fellow Fan Collector Who Had A Fresh Stator (Motors Windings) Installed For Effecient Operation.  Cast Iron Components Have Been Refinished And Brass Componenents Polished.  We Have Installed New Front And Rear Bearings, Combined With The Rewound Stator This Makes The Motor New Again.  The Oil Cups Have Been Cleaned And New Felt Wicking Installed Along With Fresh 20W Oil. Fan Operates Via Switch On Base On Three Distinct Speeds. Ideal Fan For Daily Use!  When Not In Use, It Displays Beautifully.


H: 18.0"

W: 13.0"

D: 9.0"