Circa 1911 12" Dayton Tab Base "Toilet Bowl" Oscillator


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Circa 1911 12" Dayton Tab Base "Toilet Bowl" Oscillator.  Another wonderful fan from the New England Collection.  Over the past few months, we have been listing fans from this collection and still have quite a few left.  This is a rarely seen 12" 6 Blade Dayton Toilet Bowl.  The finish on this fan is an nicely done older restoration.  Since being restored the fan resided in the "fan room" being displayed.  We have disassembled and serviced this fan for use if desired.  Blade was sent to Paul Graves for balancing and the fan runs perfect and smooth on 3 distinct speeds.  Dayton may have used more iron in these fans than other desk fans offered at this time, they are monsters!!  

Height 19"

Width 13"
Depth 12"


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