Circa 1908-09 56" Westinghouse 4 Blade "Sidewinder" Ceiling Fan Original Copper Oxide Flashed Finish

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Circa 1908-09 56" Westinghouse 4 Blade "Sidewinder" Ceiling Fan.  Westinghouse entered the ceiling fan market in 1898 with a design known today as "The Deluxe".  In 1908-09 time frame, Westinghouse offered a newly designed ceiling fan very unique to the market.  Today this fan has earned the nickname "sidewinder" due its unique mounting position of the blades and motor design.  Unlike the stereotypical ceiling fan design, the outside housing of this fan rotates thus the attachment of the blades being mounted on the outer circumference of the motors housing.  Boasting its stunning original Copper Oxide finish, complemented by meticulously restored internal components this is a very unique offering for this model.  Internally, this fan has been restored by John Andrews at Texas Ceiling Fans.  John is a legend in the Antique Ceiling Fan world and we feel fortunate to offer a fan with such credentials.  Externally the original finish has been cleaned and preserved to last another 100 years.  Blades on this example have been refinished and are an excellent compliment to the rich original  copper oxide finish.  The motor tag on this suggest it to be a 220V, we uncovered this to have been converted to 110V at some point making it ideal for use in todays home.  Original switch is still present, we recommend this being controlled using a modern wall rheostat which will be supplied with purchase.