Circa 1905 12" Diehl Ornate Base "Pullman" Traincar Fan 30V DC Beautifully Restored

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Circa 1905 12" Diehl "Pullman" Train Car 30V DC Desk Fan.  During the early 1900's, Diehl supplied fans used for luxury railcar travel in Pullman Coach Cars.  Certainly a treasure to find one of these historical artifacts, wall mounted examples tend to be the application which do rarely become available.   This is the first ever Desk or Table Top model we have had the pleasure of offering.  Coming from the Terry Fisher Collection,  this example is beautifully restored and runs like a dream!!  After undergoing extensive and professional restoration, you're unlikely not find this rare desk model anytime soon or ever again.  Cast iron components have been perfectly painted using a very high grade quality enamel and accented in rich gold pinstripes.  Original "Pullman" cast brass tag is still present on the base and has been polished to a nice rich shine.  Brass blades and guard have been professionally polished as well and appeal to be lacquered to preserve the shine for many years to come.  Operational on 30V DC, this fan runs as smooth and perfectly as it looks.  A rare opportunity to own such a wonderful example!!