Circa 1901 12" GE Pancake Stick Mount


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Presenting from the GE What A Collection:  Circa 1901 12" Stick Mount GE Pancake. This historical example is preserved with a photograph in the esteemed AFCA gallery. The finish on the motor appears to be original while the base has been repainted. It runs on its five speeds. There is a slight vibration when starting, a subtle clicking sound can be heard during operation, and exhibits "in-play".


W: 14.0"

H:  16.0"

D:  8.50"



*The GE What A Collection was carefully assembled by a dedicated long-time fan collector who is ready to find new homes for his beautiful treasures.  Antique Fan Supply Company takes great pride in presenting the fans that have been entrusted to us, to find their perfect homes and carry forward the legacy of these remarkable pieces. Each fan featured in our GE What A Collection is presented "as found" directly from collector's shelves, guaranteeing an authentic touch that resonates with history. Every fan has been thoroughly reviewed and the results are documented in the above product description.*



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