Circa 1900 Edison Battery Fan Beautiful Example from Prominent Edison Collection

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Amazing Example of Circa 1900 Edison "C" Frame Battery Fan from a prominent Edisonian Collection.   This beautiful fan was part of the Charlie Hummell Collection.   Charlie was known as the most accomplished collector of Edisonia to live in the 21st Century.  This fan was prominently displayed in his home as part of his amazing collection.   Unfortunately its acquisition roots were lost with Charlie untimely passing but no doubt something about this example held a special place in his heart.  Upon acquiring this fan, considering it had most likely sat for many years I disassembled the bearings and races cleaning both thoroughly.  The ball bearings have been freshly lubricated and reinstalled.  Fan runs excellent as designed!  Aspects of the finish appear as though they have been touched up or lightly restored and a clear lacquer applied as part of preservation.   To my knowledge,  all components of this example are original to the fan and appear very well preserved.  Charlie Hummels collection and knowledge of Edisonia was known around the world.  Google his name and review the many articles and videos demonstrating his collection and knowledge.   Once in a lifetime opportunity to own such an artifact from an icon in Thomas Edison artifacts.  

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