GE what a collection!!

Posted by AFSC on Jul 16th 2023

GE what a collection!!

Antique Fan Supply Co. proudly represented a Historically Significant Fan Collection meticulously curated by the passionate team, Don and Margaret Eckerson.  Don and Margaret contacted us to assist in liquidating their prized collection.  We are honored they chose us to assist in this process to find new homes for each fan in this wonderful collection.


Don's journey into the world of collecting traces back to his childhood, where his fascination with parakeets blossomed into his first entrepreneurial venture. With a keen eye for detail, he diligently researched and bred parakeets, discovering the importance of separating newborns into their own cages to ensure their well-being. Through his dedication, he not only nurtured a thriving parakeet business but also gained valuable lessons in caring for and managing a growing enterprise, a passion he would later bring to his love for antique fans. Don and Margaret's collecting interests spanned a wide array of categories, from Corvettes to Civil War Relics, and everything in between.

In 1992, during one of their treasure-hunting escapades in Tampa, fate led them to a booth adorned with exquisitely restored antique electric fans. Little did they know that this serendipitous encounter belonged to the renowned collector and expert restorer, Carlton Ward. It was this moment that sparked Don's profound affection for General Electric (GE) brand fans, forever etched in his memory as his first in the wild fan find.

As Don's passion for GE fans grew, he connected with fellow enthusiasts Nancy and Don Taussig, who graciously provided him with invaluable research documentation on GE Pancake Fans, prepared by Lawrence Erickson and Prewitt Scripps. Together, Lawrence and Prewitt pioneered the collection of research data on GE Pancake fans. Following Lawrence's passing, the GE research faced a period of dormancy until Don took up the reins under the encouragement of Steve Cunningham. For over a decade, Don dedicated himself to curating comprehensive GE fan data. This journey took him and Margaret to renowned institutions such as the GE Hall of History, Smithsonian Museum, and Thomas Edison Museum, while also visiting esteemed collectors and their remarkable collections.

Today, Don's collection and research are prominently showcased in the AFCA online fan gallery, featuring a remarkable array of 45 fan examples (which will be offered for sale within the collection, each fans photo will be watermarked noting its presence in the AFCA gallery) from his collection, spanning the years 1894 to 1930. In the spirit of sharing his knowledge and passion, Don has generously exhibited select pieces from his collection at prestigious events like Florida Fan Fest and Carolina Regional Meets, inspiring fellow enthusiasts and fostering a vibrant fan community.

Don and Margaret's unwavering love for GE fans, coupled with their meticulous research endeavors, have played an instrumental role in shaping the identification data that enthusiasts benefit from today. This remarkable collection, carefully curated with passion and expertise, offers you a unique opportunity to own a piece of history and become part of the legacy that has fueled the development of the AFCA Gallery and GE Research.