All Original Circa 1910 8" All Brass Crocker Wheeler Desk Fan

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Introducing the All Original 8" All Brass Crocker Wheeler Desk Fan—a true embodiment of the concept of patina. Patina, defined as the impression or appearance of something, is beautifully showcased in this fan. Over its lifetime, it has been cherished by patina-loving collectors, each leaving their unique mark on its surface.

With its distinctive character, this fan tells a captivating story. Like a fingerprint, no two examples of patina are ever the same, and this fan proudly displays its individuality. It boasts an intact push-button Off/On switch on the base and a variable speed switch atop the motor, both functioning flawlessly.

The fan runs smoothly and operates perfectly across its variable speeds. Its power cord has been upgraded by a former collector and remains pliable and in excellent condition. Remarkably, all components appear to be original, without any breaks or repairs.

This outstanding and rare example truly stands out among its peers. Its allure lies not only in its functionality but also in its historical journey and the exceptional patina it acquired along the way.


Height: 12.5"