All Original 1912 GE 6 Blade Kidney Oscillator Desk Fan


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All Original 1912 GE 6 Blade "Kidney" Oscillator Desk Fan.  Highly collectible fan made increasingly rarer being a 6 blade example with Original Gearbox still intact.  The original finish has been cleaned and waxed to reveal the original shine hiding beneath.  Gearbox has been removed, all gears taken out and cleaned, then reassembled with fresh new grease.  Oiler has been serviced with new wick and clean new oil.  For safety a new head wire and power cord were added using our premium OTR+W wire.  There is a very small chip on the original gearbox lid, still so very hard to find an example with all original box and lid.  This example still retains the original engage and disengage pointer on top of the gearbox. 

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