8" Menominee Staghorn Tab Base Oscillator

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Perfect Original 8" Menominee Staghorn Tab Base Oscillator.  This is probably without a doubt the most desirable 8" Menominee fan ever produced.  For an 8" fan, the scale of all components that make it up are very heavy and over engineered for its size.  This is an excellent example of American Industrial Design at its finest.  This fan still retains an excellent original finish that with a good cleaning and coat of wax will really pop.  Another excellent feature of this fan is that it still oscillates as designed.  These fans are known to have worn gears but this example still works flawlessly.  The Blades at slower rpm need a little balancing.  The top strut has a slight tweek in it that can easily be straightened.  For those long time fan collectors, this was from the collection of Phil Frey.  

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